SatisMeter integrates with many tools either directly or through our Segment.com integration.

But when you have a tool that is not supported or even an in-house tool the Webhooks are here to help. Webhooks will notify your service every time a user gives you new feedback.

Webhooks can be configured in the Integrations section of SatisMeter settings. You just enter a URL of your web service and we will send the data to this URL.


Here is an example of the data we are sending to the webhook.

"response": {
"rating": 9,
"feedback": "You are awesome!",
"answers": [
"id": "00000000000000",
"label": "How would you rate the support?",
"value": 5
"id": "00000000000000",
"label": "Select your favourite feature from the list",
"value": "Dashboard filters"
"id": "00000000000000",
"label": "Do you have any comments for us?",
"value": "You are awesome!"
"completed": true,
"created": "2015-07-31T19:48:07.648Z",
"method": "In-app",
"referrer": "https://app.satismeter.com/sample",
"project": "00000000000000",
"ip": "",
"location": {
"country": "US",
"city": "Springfield",
"long": "Springfield, United States",
"short": "Springfield"
"user": {
"name": "Homer Simpson",
"email": "homer@simpson.com",
"userId": "1234",
"traits": {}
"category": "promoter",
"id": "00000000000000"
"event": "completed"

Array-field response. answers contains answers to the survey's follow-up questions:

  • id - a unique identificator of the question

  • label - the exact text, that was shown to the user

  • value - the answer to the question, which can be either number (for 1-5 rating questions) or string (for single-choice and free-text questions)

A webhook can be configured to trigger in the following scenarios:

  1. When a user answers all questions ("event": "completed")

  2. When a user closes the survey ("event": "dismissed")

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