integration can help you automate feedback collection, following up with un/happy users, or automate hiring users for user interviews.

There are two parts of the integration between SatisMeter and

  1. Send email surveys via
  2. Send gathered responses and feedback into as traits and events

Send email surveys via

You can send email surveys (provided by SatisMeter) directly from This integration allows you to be sure you are sending out the survey to the right user at the right time using the UX flow designer.

Here is how to set this up:

  1. Create a new survey in SatisMeter

  2. In the survey editor, choose the Survey template and customize the texts and colors to match your brand

  3. In the survey editor choose the Email channel, set the survey live, and save the email template for

  4. In go to Content > Layouts and click Create layout.

  5. Choose the Start from scratch option in the Template menu

  6. Paste the SatisMeter survey template code in the code field of the Layout

  7. Check the survey in a preview mode

  8. Set up the triggers in to send out the survey at the right time for the right user group, and use the Layout you created in step 4. to send out the email.

  9. Set it live.

Send gathered responses and feedback into as traits and events

You can easily automate the reaction to the survey response inside based on the user response: target your unhappy users with an educational campaign, leverage the power of brand advocates and ask them for a review on a review site, or schedule a customer interview with users that mentioned a certain topic in their response.

You can do this easily using our Zapier integration, just use SatisMeter as the Trigger, and as the Action.

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