How to test the survey installation

As part of the installation process, we provide a way of checking if SatisMeter was properly installed in your site/app. This check is based on whether SatisMeter receives data when someone opens the specified page or part of your app where the survey should be shown.

This check is available for all types of installation, and you can find instructions for this process in every section of the installation instructions. 

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Testing the survey installation

Once you have installed the survey, you have to enter it in your web/mobile app and navigate to the page where you installed it, i.e. where you'd like users to see the survey. Keep in mind that this might require you to Log in to your web/mobile app.

The next step is to use the Check installation button that you can find in the installation instructions. You can find the instructions under Settings > Install or in the survey designer for any of your surveys.


Once you click the button we'll check if we received some data recently, resulting in one of the next outcomes:

If we didn't receive any data you will see this:


On the other hand, if we successfully received some data you should see this:


Congratulations! You are now ready to set your survey live and start collecting responses.

Developers' guide

SatisMeter shows surveys based on rules specified in the targeting settings. When installing our survey, it sometimes makes sense to bypass the targeting rules - just to check that the code is running properly and the survey looks good on a certain page.

To bypass the targeting rules on the web, add `previewCampaign` property containing the survey ID to the SatisMeter code snippet. Here is an example:

  writeKey: "ly8bRUzEA",
  userId: "1234",
  traits: {
    name: "John Doe",
    email: "",
    createdAt: "2017-01-28T13:10:26.255Z"
  previewCampaign: "5bf3ec3c4f423900040e8136"

The survey ID can be found in Settings > Integrations > API Keys.

Select the survey you wish to test, and the platform will display the ID.


  • I tried several times and I always receive the "Failure"  message. There could be several reasons depending on how SatisMeter was installed or how your web/mobile app is built. Make sure that the part of the code that should be running the SatisMeter/Segment snippet is correctly loaded and executed. If still there's no luck don't hesitate in contacting our support team. We'll help you install SatisMeter.

  • I modified my web/mobile app and I'm not sure if I broke the installation. This feature is always available, so you can check installation again at any time. You just have to go to the installation instructions and click on "Check installation". It'll turn red if we didn't receive any data in the last 24 hours.

  • I got the "Success" message but I don't see the survey. Don't worry, it's completely normal. This feature checks if you installed SatisMeter correctly even if the survey should not appear. Keep in mind that the survey won't show while is on Draft or Paused state, only when Live. Also, each survey has Audience settings, which provide a way of specifying conditions that the user must meet in order to see the survey. Maybe you are just not meeting those conditions. If you still would like to "forcefully" show the survey in order to see how it would look live, you can, but it'll only work for Live surveys. Check the instructions in the developer section above.


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