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SatisMeter can automatically send email surveys to customers that ignored the pop-up or didn't sign in to see the survey widget. This is useful when making sure to capture your feedback from your intended audience.

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Targeting E-mail reminders

The email reminders are sent to users that:

  • Received the in-app pop-up but ignored it, or closed it.

  • Weren’t active during the period when the widget should pop up, but logged in at least once in the past 3 months (if the survey frequency is 3 months

How to set up email reminders?


You can enable this feature when setting up or editing a survey, simply toggle on Email reminders in the Reminders section to view the full reminder settings where you can alter timing, text, and the sender's name and e-mail.

Email domain authentication

By default, we send email surveys using SendGrid headers. If you'd like to further increase the trust and delivery rate of your email surveys we can set up an email white-label for your domain.

Domain white-labeling adds an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to your domain and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) entries, which effectively authorizes and authenticates SatisMeter sending on behalf of your domain.
This requires you to add a few records to your DNS configuration. Please get in touch via our live chat and we'll help you set this up.


  • What does "did not log in to your app recently" mean?

    In general terms, surveys are never shown/sent on fixed dates exclusively. Users become eligible on certain dates but they don't lose that "eligibility" when the day passes. We then try to show/send the survey every time we have the chance, and every time we try, we check if the user is eligible.

    If you have set up the reminders to be sent after one week, we will keep trying for up to 7 days, and if the user does not log in to the app until then, we'll send the Email Reminder.

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