How to design your SatisMeter surveys

when designing your SatisMeter survey, you can adjust the survey to better match your use case by:

  • adding custom questions,
  • adding required questions,
  • adding condition logic,
  • adjust the order of the questions,
  • and also setting up the survey languages.

You can access these options in the survey editor during survey creation or edit your survey later with the survey’s dashboard’s Edit survey button.


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Adding custom questions

You can add custom questions to all survey types, not only your custom surveys. Custom questions can be ratings, pre-defined choices, or open-ended questions.

  1. Start editing your survey and navigate to the Design tab.
  2. Click the  comment-dots-regular__1_.svgAdd question button. 
  3. Select a question type.
  4. The newly added question will appear as the last question of the survey.

Adding required questions

You can set any type of question from optional to required. In this case, respondents have to fill out the answer or select an option before going forward to the next survey question or submitting their responses. Required questions are supported on the Web, Email, and Public link distribution channels.

  1. Start editing your survey and navigate to the Design tab.
  2. You can set the questions in your survey to required or optional individually by clicking on the Required toggle under each question.
  3. Respondents can’t navigate to the next question or submit the survey before answering the required questions.
Note: Questions can be changed from optional to mandatory after creation even if you already got some results back. In this case, previous survey results that don’t contain answers to the mandatory question are not excluded from the campaign and you can still find them on the survey’s dashboard.

Adding condition logic

You can ask additional questions from survey respondents based on a previous answer in the survey. Any question’s response can be used to build up the condition that is not a Free text question. You can even combine different questions’ responses in one condition.

  1. Start editing your survey and navigate to the Design tab.
  2. Click on the Add conditional logic button and a new conditional survey section appears on the screen.
  3. Add a condition by clicking on the + Add condition text and select a question that you want to use for your condition.
  4. Then select the answers that should trigger the conditional block in your survey.

  5. Finally, add your questions to the conditional block by clicking the Add question button inside the block.
Note: If you want to include other questions in your condition you have to click on the + Add condition text again.

Adjusting the order of the questions

You can adjust the order of the questions by grabbing the handler icon of the selected question, dragging to the right position, and dropping it there.


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