How to send a survey via URL

When launching a survey, you can skip all installation steps and simply share a URL link containing the survey.

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Sharing a survey via a Public Link

Once you reach the Channel section of your survey creation, choose the Public Link, review your design and copy the link.


Sounds easy (because it is!) but we always add some layers of complexity to it.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that by simply sharing the URL link with your customers via Social Media, WhatsApp, Push Notifications, or SMS, is that if you do so without any modifications to the URL, all your responses will appear on SatisMeter as Anonymous and lacking User Traits.

The main point here is that the URL alone is not passing any User Trait to SatisMeter.

It's very useful when running anonymous campaigns, however, if you would like to get back to that customer, you will benefit from adding basic User Traits to the URL and being able to identify each customer's response.

The way you share the URL will impact how you can push the User Traits via the URL.

Sharing the URL on an e-mail:

Many email providers support what we call template variables, although they might call them by a different name. They act as placeholders for user personal information so that you can personalize your URLs.

For example, if your provider's variable for user's name is "{{NAME}}", you should add the template variables as URL parameters at the end of the link URL, prepending each with an ampersand, like "&userId={{USER_ID}}&email={{EMAIL}}&name={{NAME}}".

Your provider will then replace it when sending the email to users, so "{{NAME}}" translates to the user's name on the response in SatisMeter.

You can see they already contain some URL parameters ("token=...&campaign=..."). Please leave those in the link unmodified; SatisMeter uses them to identify your survey.

You should look for your provider's template variables in their documentation or contact their support team.

Sharing via Social Media or other channels:

The easiest way to go about adding User Traits when simply sharing the URL on Social Media or other channels would be to add query parameters to it.

Adding the query parameters can be done manually, but it would be probably quite tedious. More often, this can be done programmatically when sending the surveys via a script, or via an automation tool.

  • Add userId=xxx as a query parameter to the link, and it will use the existing user profile we have for that userId.

  • Add other query parameters that contain user traits, and these will be added to the response


If you need help setting this up, do not hesitate to contact our Support team!

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