How to integrate SatisMeter with Productboard using Zapier

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Note: For users on a Scale or Enterprise plan, we recommend using our direct Productboard and SatisMeter integration.

Productboard is the leading customer-centric product management platform that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build next, align everyone on the roadmap, and engage with their customers.

With the SatisMeter and Productboard integration, the results from SatisMeter surveys are being added as notes to the Productboard space. Once they are in the Productboard space, the product team can do any further processing, like link them to the appropriate feature or idea. Surveys can help answer some of the questions product teams are always facing.

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How to integrate with Productboard


By connecting to SatisMeter using Zapier, you’ll be able to analyze your survey responses in Productboard. To set it up check out this Zap!

Note: Only NPS survey ratings will create a note in Productboard. Any custom surveys and open question responses will not create a note on the Insights board.

After clicking Connect Productboard + SatisMeter you need to set up a Trigger and an Action.

Creating the trigger

  1. After clicking to create a Zap, you can look and choose SatisMeter from their available list, select "New Survey Response" on the Event field and click on Continue:
  2. In the next section, you'll need to connect to your SatisMeter account by clicking on Sign In.
    You'll be directed to a new page, where you have two options:

    - I don't have a SatisMeter account yet. Create one for me. - in which you can insert your name, e-mail, and password to create a new account within our platform;
    - I already have a SatisMeter account. Let me log in. - in which you'll need to insert the same email and password you log in to your account with us.

    In case you use Google SSO to log in to SatisMeter, you can create a new password by selecting Forgot Password? Don't worry, you'll then be able to still log in here using Google or your newly created password.
    After this page, simply select your account on the main page and click on Continue.
  3.  In this last section, you'll actually set up the trigger 😄
    First, you need to choose which Project and then surveys you'd like the Zap to work with (you can leave the second field blank in case you'll use it in all surveys inside the selected project).
  4. You need to test your trigger before continuing, for that, click on Test in the next section and Zapier will retrieve all responses to make sure it's on the right project and if you selected, a specific survey.

Creating the action

After creating the trigger you need to create the action to create a note in Productboard.

  1. Select Productboard from the App options and then choose the event Create a note, which is what you'd like to happen in Productboard when the trigger happens in SatisMeter, and click Continue.
  2. Then, you need to Sign In to Productboard and select Continue.
  3. The Setup Action section varies according to the selected platform, so you can fill up all fields always keeping in mind what you'd like to happen there once SatisMeter's trigger happens.
  4. Similar to the trigger, you need to test the action before you can publish the Zap.

Publishing the Zap

If your tests were completed, click on Publish Zap (in the last section of the Action) and select "Publish and Turn On" in the pop-up that will show up:


Once the selected survey gets a new response in SatisMeter it will create a new unprocessed note on your Insights board which will look like this: 

Note: Only NPS survey ratings will create a note in Productboard. Any custom surveys and open question responses will not create a note on the Insights board.

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