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Note: For users on the Pro plan, set up the integration using Zapier.

Productboard is the leading customer-centric product management platform that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build next, align everyone on the roadmap, and engage with their customers.

With the SatisMeter and Productboard integration, the results from SatisMeter surveys are being added as notes to the Productboard space. Once they are in the Productboard space, the product team can do any further processing, like link them to the appropriate feature or idea. Surveys can help answer some of the questions product teams are always facing, like:

  • Validate feature ideas. Do our users really need this feature we have in mind? Would it solve their problem or improve current solutions? How important is the feature for their success using our product?
  • Measure satisfaction with features. How happy are our customers with this recently-released feature? Does it fit their needs and/or add value?
  • Collect open feedback. What do our users think is missing in our product? What would they change if they could?

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Required permissions

To set up this integration, the following permissions are required:

  • Be a Productboard Maker admin with a workspace on the Enterprise plan.
  • Have Admin or Editor rights for your project in your SatisMeter account.

How to set up the SatisMeter integration in Productboard


To set up the integration in Productboard, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into your Productboard workspace using your Productboard credentials.
  2. In your Productboard workspace, click the avatar menu in the bottom left corner and go to Integrations Integration-1.svg.
  3. Scroll to the section Consolidate user insights and you’ll find SatisMeter listed.
  4. Copy the token for SatisMeter integration.

Create and configure the integration in SatisMeter

To enable the integration in your SatisMeter account, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into your SatisMeter account using your SatisMeter credentials.
  2. In your SatisMeter project navigate to Settings-1.svg Settings > Integrations > Productboard.
  3. Paste the token you copied from Productboard into the textbox and click on the Connect to Productboard button.

If the token is correct the project will be now connected to the Productboard workspace. After that, you can configure the surveys that you would like to import into Productboard.


While the project is connected, when a user answers any of the surveys, SatisMeter will send the response as a note in Productboard. Notes coming from the SatisMeter integration contain the name of the survey campaign that the response belongs to. You can also filter by survey campaigns or by the SatisMeter import source.

For more information, see Filter the Insights board to find relevant feedback

Note: You can also set up an automation rule that filters to the Survey title and assign the ticket to the survey owner. For more information, see Use Insights Automation to create rules to route and categorize notes efficiently.


Note: The integration is not limited by the number of surveys or responses. You can connect as many surveys as you want to your Productboard space, and all the responses will be sent as notes.

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