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If you are using the Web-App or Mobile SDK channels, you are able to control, through the Targeting section, to whom, where, and when your survey should appear 🚀

We'll go over the details of each question, but if you need some extra help to double-check your settings, feel free to reach out to us on the chat bubble!

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Who should see the survey?


Choose between showing the survey to everybody on your website/app or adding conditions that the user will have to meet, in order for the survey to be displayed.
To create these conditions, select Only some users, and choose between the user traits we are receiving from your installation code or Segment 💪

It's in this section that you'll be able to select users that have experimented with your platform for more than X days before getting surveyed.
At last, you can also use the Sampling option to not overwhelm your team with several responses at once, get more details on this feature here 😉

When should the survey appear?


Choose for the pop-up to appear as soon as the page loads, after some time spent on the page (in seconds), or after a specific interaction of the user with your platform.
If you'd like to use the last option, send the events to SatisMeter through the code you installed on your web app or through Segment. Check here which events we support and how to send them.
Some examples of events are: the user clicks on a determined button, they subscribed, just completed their onboarding, etc. Check our blog article for more use cases.

On which pages should the survey appear?


Here, you can set the survey to appear on any page of your web app or you can whitelist or blacklist some pages.
If you choose the "Only some pages", control it through the Page URL by using a determined link or parts of it, such as some URL parameters, for example.

How often should the survey be displayed?


Finally, set the recurrence of your survey. The option available here will vary according to what you choose in "When should the survey appear?".
If you chose the option for the survey to appear right after the page loads or after some time spent on the page, it can show up only one-time per user, or for it to be recurrent (which you can choose between days, weeks, or months).

If you are using the "trigger on event" option, you'll have the option for the survey to show up only one time per user, so it doesn't matter if the user completes the trigger several times, they'll only see the pop-up in the first time the event is tracked.
Or, you can choose for the pop-up to be displayed every time the user triggers that event.
image__4_.pngJust remember that the user needs to meet all criteria for the survey to be displayed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our awesome Support Team at the chat bubble on your right.


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