What is SatisMeter?

SatisMeter helps you understand how your customers see your product by automatically collecting customer feedback using Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT or CES), or Product-market fit surveys on an ongoing basis. SatisMeter provides valuable insights for your Go-To-Market and Product teams with a detailed breakdown of ratings, including valuable insights in comments and enriched user information.

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What can I do with Satismeter?

If you have a website or a web-based product, on desktop and/or mobile you can use Satismeter to:

  • Automatically collect Customer Feedback and track your NPS, CES, or CSAT number.

  • Emphasize your customer's pain points and help to resolve them.

  • Capture ideas and collect feedback on the onboarding process, selected products, new features, and more!

How does SatisMeter work?

  • Every time a logged-in user visits your app, you will send us the identity of the user using a simple HTML snippet.

  • SatisMeter keeps track of users that already answered the survey or closed the survey without responding.

  • We show the survey according to your targeting settings, which control both survey frequency and which user segments get surveys.

  • When the user fills in the survey, we show you the response on our dashboard and let you contact them from there.

  • We can send responses to other analytic services using our integrations.

Who uses Satismeter?

  • Customer Success and Support teams

  • Marketing teams

  • Product teams looking for product feedback and insight into how users engage with their product.

Why should I choose Satismeter?

Satismeter was designed as a strong automation tool that is simple to use and easy to install. SatisMeter provides weekly email digests with all the interesting insight and learnings that will be in your inbox every Monday morning ☕

  • Easy to install into your web app - just add a short HTML snippet to identify the logged-in user. Once you do this everything else is automatically handled by us. You can simply watch the responses on our dashboard or integrate them into hundreds of other analytics services.

  • Fair pricingAt SatisMeter we charge for responses you receive. Our users pay only for the value they get without the risk of not getting responses. Most of our competitors charge per survey sent. With a response rate of around 30%, we think our offer has better value for money.
  • Supports both in-app and email surveys - The in-app surveys are best for getting your customer's focus when they are interacting with your product. Email ones are for the non-responders, typically for the users that stop using the product before being offered the survey. 
  • Customizable surveys - we offer customizable surveys with four types of questions (NPS, CSAT/CES, single choice answer, open-ended text feedback.) This allows you to set up and customize multiple questions in your survey.

  • Design Customization - You can customize the design of the survey so that it matches your branding.

  • Supports multiple languages - You can send surveys to your users in their native language.
  • Integration with tons of other services like Intercom, Slack, or Drift. You can integrate with over 100 customer analytics products using Segment.com or webhooks.

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