Embedded surveys

By default, our survey is shown as a popup window in the bottom portion of a web page.

Alternatively, the survey can be embedded directly into a web page so that it feels like a natural part of the page.


There are two steps for implementing this setup:

  1. Set up the Targeting rules in SatisMeter

    Create a Web App survey and save the installation HTML snippet for step 2.

    In the Targeting section, you'll need to insert the URL in which the survey should appear embedded on to the question: "On which pages should the survey appear?" > "Only some pages" > Where page is =....


    Lastly, set the frequency of the survey to be recurring every 1 day. This will ensure that the user is allowed to answer the survey at least once a day.

  2. Add the following keys to your HTML snippet:

    Next, add the following to the Web App installation HTML snippet:

  • embed: true

  • parent: HTML Element in which you'd like to insert the survey

  • campaign: ID of the campaign - you can find this by accessing Settings > Integrations > API Keys and selecting the Survey Keys for this particular survey.

Here is a complete example of such a snippet:

(function() { window.satismeter = window.satismeter || function() {(window.satismeter.q = window.satismeter.q || []).push(arguments);};window.satismeter.l = 1 * new Date();var script = document.createElement("script");var parent = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0].parentNode;script.async = 1;script.src = "https://app.satismeter.com/satismeter.js";parent.appendChild(script);})();

  writeKey: "WRITE_KEY",  // replace with your write key
  userId: "USER_ID", // replace with real user ID
  embed: true,
  parent: document.getElementById('parent') // parent element controls in which place the survey is shown


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