Create surveys for post-purchase or delivery feedback, shop experience, and more!

Having an eCommerce store might feel like you're not in touch with your customers too often. SatisMeter is here to help you gather Customer Feedback and Experience data that will allow you to close that gap, know your customers better, and improve the overall shopping experience.

By installing SatisMeter's Web App code on your Shopify hosted website, you're able to survey your customers all throughout the online shopping experience. At the same time, you can survey across multiple channels by sending also Email or URL surveys!

From general questions (such as "How did you hear about our shop?" or "Did you find what you were looking for?") to questions focused on the User Experience ("How easy was it to navigate through the site?"), SatisMeter's Custom Templates will help you create these micro surveys and learn more about the user.

If you're looking to understand better the shopping experience, below are some examples of surveys you can create with SatisMeter.

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Shop experience

Use SatisMeter to ask your customers about their shopping experience, availability of products, and ease of use. Among many others, here's an example of a simple (but powerful!) two-question survey about User Experience:

In the Targeting section, set up the survey to be shown on pages that contain "search" on the URL, so that the user is asked the survey only when searching for a specific product:

Combine that with at least 30 seconds spent on the page, to give the user some time to look for a specific product:

The result is a simple and quick survey regarding the availability of products and the overall shopping experience.

Post-purchase survey

The first step is to create a Custom survey and add your questions. Here's an example of a post-purchase survey with two questions:

If your website contains different URLs, a simple setup could be created using our URL Targeting:

Another option is for you to use Trigger on Event if you have an event stored for every time a purchase is completed:

For this, you would need to add User Events to your Web App installation code. This means that every time a user abandons the cart, your system will store that as an Event and send the information to SatisMeter.

Once the survey is Live, all users that triggered the event "Completed purchase" or navigate to pages where the URL contains "checkout-completed", will receive the pop-up to rate their experience.

After delivery survey

Receiving the goods or services is the end goal of the customer. Send them an e-mail survey after the delivery to capture their satisfaction with the delivery process and their overall experience with your shop.

SatisMeter does not send e-mails natively, we provide you with HTML templates for the email provider of your choice. Find out more about which providers we support here.

As our HTML templates are editable, you can customize the look and feel by editing the HTML code. Here's what the base e-mail looks like:

As in all our Email Surveys, once the user clicks on one of the ratings of the e-mail body, they are taken to another landing page with the remaining of the survey's questions:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this setup, feel free to reach out to our awesome Customer Support team by opening the chat bubble on the right corner of the page or directly via

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